Mens hair systems are also known as synthetic hair integration. It is a method of adding commercially available hair dyes to your hair. Sound like a new invention? Contrary to what most people think, these extensions date back to ancient Egypt. Egyptians wear them as artistic adornments for both men and women.

Everyone has different reasons for getting Mens hair systems. Fashion is the most common reason. Who doesn't want beautiful hair? People choose extensions when they want to add volume, length, or style to their hair without chemicals damaging their locks. However, apart from fashion, some people use men’s hair systems to cover the receding parts of their head.

mens hair systems

Best hair systems for men

Hair systems for men are made of two different materials: synthetic fiber and human hair. There is a massive difference between the two, and identifying your hairstyle needs can help you choose which type of hair systems for men is best for you.

Synthetic hair systems for men are made of nylon, polyester, kanekalon, or modacrylic. As the name suggests, it is artificial synthetic hair. While much cheaper than natural human hair, synthetic hair cannot withstand the extreme temperatures that styling creates, so you may end up styling it less.

On the other hand, extensions made from human hair are better than synthetic types but tend to be more expensive. It can be styled better than synthetic types, and you can do other routines you usually do with your natural hair, like shampooing, blow-drying, and ironing. Hair systems for men are one of the biggest innovations in hair fashion. It has helped many regain their confidence and self-esteem by enhancing their supremely glorious beauty.

hair systems for men

Ways to apply for hair systems for men

Weaving - hairpiece warehouse wigs are woven or braided into the hair. This is done in a salon where the stylist will part your hair and attach the extensions to the strands near the scalp.

Fusion Bonding – This method can be either hot, cold, or link-and-lock fusion. Heat fusing uses an adhesive and heats to attach extensions to the hair. Cold melt bonding is mild. Keratin-based polymers are used to attach extensions to the hair roots. The link and lock method uses a unique ring wrapped around the hair and tied together with the extensions.

Clip On - The easiest and cheapest way to add/remove extensions. No need to go to the salon and get the work done by a stylist. You can own the extensions by clipping them as close to your scalp as possible, and removing them is as easy as adding them.

Overall, you can change yourself to look more attractive and attractive. In hairpiece warehouse hair systems, tufts of synthetic hair can be attached to natural hair to provide a new and fashionable look. Hairpiece warehouse hair systems are also available in different colors and textures to suit other people's styles.

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